Dear hobbyist,

Good to see you interested in my projects!

On the left side you will find a selection of projects that have been created over time. Nothing is perfect, everything is expandable and advice, hints and ideas are welcome!

All projects are created in my spare time and are constantly being developed. Support is also possible to a limited extent in the forum areas set up for this purpose. I would be very happy if you can rebuild some of it and show it to the others.

You should be aware that a replica will incur costs. The decision to invest money in parts and components for procurement is up to you. If a project does not meet your expectations afterwards, then I am sorry. Development is a constant process and when something new is created, not everything can be perfect from the beginning. I just let you participate in the development. If you are looking for quick ideas and suggestions, you will also find them in the blog section and in the articles.